Outsourcing business intelligence with a different approach

Some companies outsource all or part of their business intelligence tasks. The need is known, however in this blog we will focus on employees. Outsourced workers are characterised by sometimes feeling discriminated:

1. Because they are treated differently. Of course, in most cases the circumstances are legal and not personal.

2. The company that employs them sees them as a temporary commitment and the company they outsourced to, sees them as a resource, a temporary employee who is not worth investing in.

The result is impaired employee motivation and the loss is mainly to a company that pays for the outsourcing services.

Our Alternative – “Innovative outsourcing solution for business intelligence”

We as a specialised company have developed the tools and knowledge to train our employees.

1. We offer employees pre-employment and on-the-job training support from more experienced employees. As well we offer support with the planning, project management and day to day obstacles.

2. After an agreed period, the company that hires the employees can choose a direct employment alternative and this is known to the employees, which motivates them and allows the company that hires the employee, to examine the employee’s fit to the company’s DNA.

We cannot change the market, but we can produce an alternative for the employee, which includes professionalisation, satisfaction and feeling that he is part of a team, and thus he remains highly motivated.

The hiring company enjoys a highly motivated professional employee who does everything to the success of the project for which he is employed and sees his role as a springboard for a potential change in his career.

We offer full or partial monthly employment models as well as women / men replacement solutions on maternity leave.

You are welcome to contact us and we can share success stories and more information about the process.

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