Inovis is a privately owned technology company founded in 2012 by Russell Jackson, who has experience as an information systems engineer since 1998.

The company specializes in development of end to end business intelligence products and solutions – customised in accordance with client’s needs.

We offer On Premises solutions, cloud-based solutions – or a combination of the two and develop open source or commercial license-based solutions.

We are active in projects around the world in various fields: hi-tech, start up companies, banking, communications, digital print, 3D printing, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, government offices, digital media companies, and gaming.

The company’s work ethic is based on a number of principles: quality, service, innovation, and reliability – and all with attractive and competitive rates.

A unique methodology

We developed a unique methodology for implementing business intelligence projects. The methodology is composed of the following stages:


Characterization from a bird’s view using Mind Maps


Architecture planning in accordance to the organization demands and its budget.


Data reporting layer:

  • Business demands collection with Mind Maps and definition of measures, dimensions and KPI’s;
  • Data model planning and development of data structure processes per the Ralph Kimball methodology;
  • Data display layer development

Value Accessibility:

  • Automated accessibility to value from within the data.

Creating ongoing value by automatic detection of opportunities and risks.


We encourage our clients toward high involvement in the project and even to take part in the development process – which brings greater satisfaction for the clients and a significant costs saving.