Solutions / Parts Catalog

Who is it for:

The digital catalog is necessary for companies that provide service support. It helps to guide service maintenance using various tools:

  1. Visual search and identification of parts;
  2. Textual search for details;
  3. Training;
  4. Identification and ordering of spare parts.

Work method:

We start with a series of meetings where we define data sources, business requirements, and the types of processes that need to be supported. The business analysis phase is followed by a technical meeting to discuss directory architecture, data sources and their automated processing.

After that, we create a project structure and plan with time and budget estimates. The detailed design includes:

  1. Catalog architecture;
  2. Technologies to be used;
  3. Data source files;
  4. Interface for daily data quality check.

Our relative advantage:

We have expertise in automating complex data processes that extract information from PLM systems, 3D control solutions, 2D drawings and other sources and compile all of that data into files to load the catalog.