Projects / Customer Retention Project

The need:

An online company with internet service in a very competitive field was looking for a solution to improve the loyalty of its customers.

Business specification:

In depth conversations:

From depth conversations with the customer it became clear that it is possible to improve relationships with the customer and their satisfaction by offering services and products that suit them.

Customer’s profiles:

In order to match products and services with the customer’s we classified customers into characteristics groups. For example: services he likes, services he doesn’t need etc.

Value proposals:

Value proposals are products and services designed to fit customer’s profiles. For example: new product, complementing products and more.


In addition, we specified the most appropriate time or event to offer the customer the value proposal and the best marketing channel to reach the customer such as Chat, Email, SMS, telephone.

Outbound communication with customers:

All the outbound activity with the customers has to be documented that will enable to measure proposal effectiveness.

The solution:

Step 1

We opened a system for the client where he can define customer’s profile and value proposals. A solution was developed that collects data from the company’s data sources and creates value proposals for the customers.

Step 2

We integrated the proposals (mentioned in step 1) into a CRM system in order to track the sales activities with the customers. The proposals are offered to the customers via several marketing channels – each customer and what is most suitable for him.

Every proposal, whether the outcome is successful or not, is recorded in order to track and improve the chances of success for the future. We added to the solution a reporting layer for analyzing the success or failure levels of certain proposals.

Step 3

Integrate the data to the company’s data warehouse for statistical analysis.

Business outcome for the company:

The client received a customer retention system in order to increase the company income.