Solutions / Data flow automation

Who is it for?

For companies that want to automate manual processes related to data:

  • Creation reports;
  • Loading / downloading data to / from software solutions;
  • Manual analysis and identification of opportunities/risks with a well-defined repeating patterns;
  • Checking data flows between different software solutions.

Work method:

Together with the client, we study and formally describe the existing manual process, as well as form a vision of the final result of the project.

After the existing process is described, we:

a. Define existing sources, data types and the processes by which this data is processed;

b. Offer solutions to automate the extraction, loading and processing of data;

c. We draw up a project plan and budget.

Our relative advantage:

We have many years of experience in analyzing data processes and their automation in companies in various industries. Our team has expertise in developing software solutions: web applications, Windows applications, etc., and has the necessary knowledge to integrate data into existing software solutions.