Projects / Performance Improvement Project

The need:

When you hear, in an organization, complaints such as: the system is stuck again, the website is slow, the customers are leaving, the software is reacting slow, the report is not updated, and more – then it is obvious you suffer from performance issues in your software systems.

Business specification:

Software layers identification:

Software systems are composed from layers. The performance issue can be due to a problem in any of the software layers or a combination of multiple layers.

Software performance analysis:

In case of a software system such as: CRM, ERP etc., we interview the system users and system administrators in order to be familiar with the system processes and the processes that get stuck. If the case is a reporting solution, we ask for reports of report execution/data loads execution times.

The solution:

We ask the client to run the problematic procedures while we monitor the databases and execution code. After identifying the problem, we examine solutions in the business field (inefficient business procedure), in coding (inefficient code), in database (inefficient code or bad design of database) or any combination of these.

Business outcome for the company:

Systems that provide optimum performance and satisfied end-users.