Solutions / Bidirectional data pipelines

A bidirectional data pipeline is a software solution that creates a continuous data flow of events from sensors and/or software and transfers them to a central database where they are stored and analyzed. Data pipelines are also used for remote monitoring and control.

Data pipelines use cases:

  • To register versions of hardware and software;
  • To track integration and usage patterns;
  • To supervise and control;
  • To identify opportunities to sell upgrades or more units;
  • Maintenance alerts, automation and preventative maintenance models;
  • Bill customers as they go based on actual usage stats;
  • Reporting layers and statistics.

Who is it for?

We distinguish three types of customers that may be interested in such solutions:

  1. Companies that produce technical devices with built-in sensors and want to track and process the data received from them.
  2. Companies that use third-party sensors in their production or other processes and want to integrate this data into existing systems.
  3. Companies that manufacture sensors and are interested in creating control and management software solutions.

Work method:

First of all, we discuss with the client the business requirements, goals and objectives of creating a data pipeline. After that, we find out what data is being used now, how, and what is missing for the project. A meeting with technical experts is also needed to evaluate the sources, types, transfer rates and size of the data that needs to be processed and stored.

Taking into account the information received at the preliminary stages, we create a detailed project plan with estimates of time and budget. It includes:

  1. System architecture;
  2. Recommended technologies;
  3. Proposed reporting solutions;
  4. Proposed control and management solutions.

Our relative advantage:

Years of experience in creating this type of solutions for various business verticals, which helps clients better understand the current needs of their customers and open up new opportunities for business growth.