Projects / Failure Analysis Project

The need:

The client was interested in documenting production procedures and usage patterns of his products or of parts that are used in assembling his products for the purpose of:

A. Identifying defects in the production lines.

B. Identifying defects in product design.

C. Proactive identification of faults.

Business specification:

Significant parts group:

We identified the most significant parts group, which the focus needs to be on, by two criteria: Part cost and the implication of its failure to the machine productivity.

Data resources:

For every part we identified its relevant data resources that included: manufacturing procedures, end of production quality checks, usage amounts, RMA procedures, and registration of failed product investigative procedures.

Report specification:

Reports required for daily routine activity and statistical reports.

A laboratory system:

Development of a registration and collection solution for tests executed at a laboratory that covered all inspection stations.

The solution:

Step 1

We developed a registration and management system for registration of inspection procedures in the laboratory.

Step 2

We developed a central data warehouse with data extraction processes from the data sources previously mentioned.

Step 3

We built a report system (Self Service BI), above the data warehouse, which allowed the client to investigate the data and prepare reports independently. The data warehouse enables utilization of a variety of tools for advance statistical analysis.

Business outcome for the company:

The solutions created for the company helped it to manufacture more durable products, thus reducing the failure rates for the machines in which they were installed.