Solutions / Performance Improvement (tunning)

Who is it for:

For companies that face problems using software. Such problems can be, for example, freezes of programs, interrupted or slow processes, long time running reports.

Work method:

Most performance problems occur for three reasons:

  1. Design errors at the code or database level, or both;
  2. Increase in the amount of data and software that does not correspond to it;
  3. Software and / or hardware deficiencies in the infrastructure.

To identify bottlenecks, we collect all performance complaints, such as a slow page opening, slow report generating, or a stuck process. If necessary, we create logs for this. After that, we propose solutions and create a project plan with a budget for further work.

Our relative advantage:

We develop high-performance software solutions, so we know how to choose efficient databases, design the optimal architecture and write high-quality code.