Projects / IOT/Business Intelligence

The need:

Information is the gold of the 21 century; companies understand this and are very interested in collecting information, which relates to their customers usage patterns of the products/services they sell. Analysis of usage patterns allows reaching insights that help in better understanding of customer’s needs. This understanding allows to provide customized solutions to their needs, thus improving the customers satisfaction and loyalty.

Business specification:

Data collection from various resources:

From products, production and marketing systems, ERP, CRM and more.

Understanding the business questions:

Per product utilization, wear and tear, maintenance, usage charge model, defining usage profiles and more.

Follow up and reports:

Internal reporting for workers, managers and an external reports portal for customers.

The solution:

Step 1

We created a solution with two data layers: The first layer collected data from the products (IOT) in a JSON messages format. In the second layer, we built a data warehouse, which stored the IOT data and the required data from the rest of the organization’s systems. The infrastructure was built on cloud servers – thereby achieving a flexible infrastructure.

Step 2

We developed a system for product registration and management of software versions, to be updated on the customer side. Additionally, we developed a reporting solution, which answered the company’s needs and presented relevant data for every stage of the product life cycle – in accordance with the business requirements described earlier.

Step 3

For the company’s customers we developed an external reporting solution, which presents a view of the products in real time as well as a historical view. The real time data came from the first layer of data such as: product current status, maintenance alerts, real time activity and utilization. The historical data came from the second layer of data and included utility of consumable products, historical maintenance and usability.

Business outcome for the company:

The solutions created for the company helped it to: understand the product usability and costumer’s needs, to decrease manufacturing time and maintenance expenses.