Russell Jackson

Russell Jackson, Founder and CEO

Information systems engineer (BSc) Technicon graduate with a Master’s Degree in business management (MBA). Russell has been active in the information systems field since 1998, involved in various projects for different companies (Enterprise & SMB), in Israel, Europe and the United States. Russell has management and executional (hands on) experience in projects with a variety of layers of information management – from the data collection phase, ERP systems and CRM database administration, infrastructure and business intelligence. Russell developed and managed successful projects in many branches of the industry in Israel and worldwide: Hi-tech, start-ups, banking, communications, digital print, 3D printing, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, government offices, digital media companies and gaming.
Pavel Vinnytsky

Pavel Vinnytsky, CTO

Pavel is an engineer (Bsc), a graduate of the institute of Transport Engineers Khrarkov, Ukraine. With over 20 years of experience in information technology programming hands of web software and applications based on commercial software but mainly open source. Pavel has a lot of experience taking working projects, redesigning them and bring them to optimal performance. Pavel has lead development teams of complexed projects locally and abroad in many business verticals such as Web, Online marketing, Online Gaming and more.
Vitaly Balabanov

Vitaly Balabanov, Manager of Development Center in Russia

Vitaly is experienced with design, development and management of a wide variety of data focused projects that include works as: a DBA, a BI expert and on Optimization of data process and design of Data pipelines based on big data solutions. Vitaly is a Graduate of Economics and Management in Tel Aviv Yaffo Academy(BA)
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