Solutions / Rehabilitating Existing Projects

Who is it for?

A wide variety of clients:

A. In cases where the business intelligence system doesn’t give an answer for the business needs.

B. In cases where the relationship with the former provider hit an obstacle.

C. In cases where the project’s architecture is not suited for the business needs.

D. In cases where the project suffers performance issues such as slow and stalled systems.

Work methodology:

We conduct one or more meetings to analyse the problems in the existing project. After evaluating the existing situation, we issue a work plan for handling all the identified problems and deficiencies – while the execution priority is determined together with the client.

Our relative advantage:

Expressed through the vast business and technological experience accumulated in our company and especially our success in rehabilitating failed projects.

Experience and clients:

We have practical experience in handling any of the four cases mentioned before and in regaining the client’s trust in a short period of time. You can see the project “Performance Improvement” on our website under Projects.

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