Projects / Business Intelligence

The need:

The customer needs a business intelligence solution to analyze the company’s business operations and interactions with customers. The customer was interested in integrating multiple data sources into one point of view of each customer

Business specification:

Business activity analysis:

The customer was interested in growth and expansion trends of his customers by marketing channels (Funnel) and products, customer usage patterns of products and services, Customer abandonment trends by products and marketing channels.

The customer defined two categories of reports:

Strategic reports

Quarterly reports and quarter comparison reports, annual reports and annual comparison reports.

Tactical reports

Operational reports that deal mainly with measuring the day-to-day activity, which allowed making decisions during a workday – in order to improve daily business outcomes.

The solution:

Step 1

Planning a system that is able to process and retrieve very large amount of data in a short time. For this purpose, we developed a complex data warehouse that included data from a variety of very large databases.

Step 2

Accessibility to very large amounts of data via reports, in a way that the report gives a clear and articulate business answer through a minimum use of data screens. We chose to use an end-user Self Service BI tool, whereby the end user can develop their own reports.

Step 3

We trained the customers employees to use the systems front end to create reports independently.

Business outcome for the company:

The customer received a self-service business intelligence solution, that operational reports helped him identify faults and improve day-to-day outcome. The strategic reports where used in management and board meetings.

The customers employees after a short session of training begun to create independently the reports that increased the level of satisfaction and slowed the burn rate of the projects budget.