Solutions / Develop Startup Ideas/Web Apps/Windows Apps/Mobile Apps

Who is it for:

This is targeted for entrepreneurs/organizations whom are interested in developing a digital service or software solution.

Work method:

We kick off the process with a set of meetings to understand:

1. The business vertical and how to generate income in that business vertical.

2. The used cases or business processes that need to be supported.

3. Analysis of types of data and velocity of data to identify what types of technologies need to be applied.

4. Design logo & branding

All of the above is translated into a mockup based on Figma where our customer can experience and play with the suggested solution.

Once the business phase is clear and agreed on we start to design the technological phase:

1. We choose the types of platforms, databases and technologies that suite the requirements.

2. We design the data layers

3. Design the architecture and break the solution into frontend and services.

Finally, we create a project plan that is broken down to tasks with time tags/budget for each task.

Our relative advantage:

We have many years of experience developing enterprise grade software solutions for our customers. During our experience we have come across many businesses vertical, processes and management models that we have managed to transform into useable and stable software solutions. Our experience includes working with large amounts of data and creating big data solutions that work at top notch performance. We are budget conscious and design the solutions to scale gradually and develop with open source to reduce to minimum licensing costs.

On top of that we are experts in building Business Intelligence solutions and consider management models that are required to monitor the business and make it grow. If we like the idea, we try to build a partnership rather than working on the customer/supplier basis.